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Reduce Workers' Compensation Claims

Physical Ability Testing = Fewer Injuries and Cost Savings 

  • $1 spent testing returns $6-8 in direct medical cost savings to employers.
  • 10% to 30% decrease in workers compensation premiums to employers.
  • 30% decrease in workers compensation injury rates.
  • Facilitates job re-engineering to expand the pool of qualified workers.
Post Offer Employment Testing - Equipment
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PCP Testing Answers These 3 Questions

  1. Does a new hire have the strength and fitness required to do the job?
  2. Does a new employee have a pre-existing injury?
  3. Is an employee ready to return to their job, fit-for-duty, after recovering from an injury?
With the Physical Capacity Profile documentation, the employer is responsible only for the injury and impairment caused in their workplace, not for the impairments and injuries an employee brings with them, subject to state workers’ compensation statutes.
How Much Does it Cost?

Purchasing and leasing options available. Start testing for as little as $96 per test depending on company size, monthly new hires, and number of monthly tests.

Our patented post offer employment testing system is designed to assist employers in preventing workplace injuries, and at the same time, create an additional revenue stream for hospitals and urgent cares. 

PCP testing properly matches employee's’ physical abilities to perform the job their were hired to do. Utilizing state-of-the-art, proprietary software, the PCP machine completes a collection of multiple strength measurements in as little as 30 minutes with results available within minutes.
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