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How the Physical Capacity Profile® Testing System Works

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Take a few minutes to learn about employment testing, the benefits of using our patented testing system, and how to apply test result data to improve employee safety, performance, retention, and worker compensation claim outcomes.
Post Offer Employment Testing Demo
Full Testing Demonstration

Employee Physical Testing - Legal and Research
History of OPC and questions to answer when hiring an employee, Legal and Research, EEOC, AMA
Why Occupational Performance Corporation developed the Physical Capacity Profile® post offer employment testing system to protect employers from paying for injuries from previous employment.

Employee Physical Testing - Good Job Descriptions
Good Job Descriptions
What information do you have in your job descriptions? Find out what is needed in your job descriptions to utilize the PCP post offer test?

Post Offer Employment Testing - Who To Test
Who To Test
Who can you test with the Physical Capacity Profile®? New hires, existing employees, and employees returning to work from an accident or injury?

Post Offer Employment Testing - Who To Test
Testing Demo (short)
See how the physical testing is performed.

Pre Employment, Post Offer Physical Strength Testing
PCP Report vs Competitor Reports
How do you determine what you as an employer’s degree of injury or aggravation is? What does your insurance company use to fight a previous injury? How do you help your employee to make sure they are fairly compensated and or rehabilitated? Job simulation pass/fail tests compared to the Physical Capacity Profile post offer objective information test.

Post Offer Employment Testing - Case Studies
Case Studies and Benefits
Reviews case studies about how employers have seen benefits with decreased worker’s compensation claims, and increased ROI to their bottom line.
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