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How To Avoid Making a $100,000 Hiring Mistake
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Making the Workplace Safer and Reducing Worker Comp Claims

The Physical Capacity Profile® (PCP) Testing System is used by medical teams for post-offer or pre-employment physical exams, fit for duty and Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE’s). Through computerized software, a comprehensive collection of 28 maximum strength measurements are collected in as little as 30 minutes. Results are available in minutes for both the medical team and employer. The medical information is obtained and measured utilizing standards from the Department of Labor’s (DOL) five classifications of work and the American Medical Association (AMA) guidelines. The PCP testing system is ADA and HIPAA compliant and has successfully undergone EEOC audits.

Employees and Employers Benefit from Physical Exams
PCP network locations have collectively tested over 220,000 employees. Current end users include:
  • Public and private corporations
  • Municipalities
  • Large hospital systems
  • Self-insured workers’ compensation funds
  • Statewide trade associations
  • School districts.
The labor force tested a wide range of employees, from clerical personnel to very heavy industrial laborers. With the PCP system, employers of any kind can be assured they are hiring staff who are physically able to perform their jobs. Employees can have confidence that if injured, they will be fairly rehabilitated and/or compensated. When the workplace is safer and fewer claims are filed, EVERYONE wins.

Physical Capacity Profile Testing System

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