“We started using Mosaic as our provider for work-related medical services and incorporating the PCP test into our fitness testing for employees in July 2015. In the first year, we saw a decline in work-related injury costs.

We have more confidence in our ability to hire individuals that can safely perform the duties of their positions. More importantly, our employees have less injuries and when they are injured-the injuries tend to be less serious“

Linda Kaiser - Director, Human Resource Services, Park Hill School District
“I am totally sold on the Physical Assessment testing performed by OPC!
The biggest thing I have found is that once the word got out that we were conducting post offer testing most of the prospective employees who had a hidden physical condition did not interview and/or did not keep the physical assessment testing appointment. I been asked several times if/and how much the physical assessment testing was saving our company. My reply is how do you know which person that you have offered a position and never kept the appointment or decided not to interview for a position because of the the physical assessment.

But, if it keeps our company from paying for one work comp injury the physical assessment testing has done what we set out to do. I’m sure our company has saved more than enough to continue the testing for some time to come. OPC and their associated testing sites have been very concerned for our employees’ health & safety as well as the Company’s bottom line. If your Company is undecided as to if physical assessment testing is something you want to pursue, feel free to contact me. It’s a WIN-WIN situation.“

Steve ParkeySafety Director, Golden Eagle Casino

"Eldorado National truly appreciates the business relationship we have with OPC! Everyone has always been such a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to a long lasting business relationship with you!! Thank you for the services you provide to us! We couldn’t do it without you! Thanks Again to All!!"

Lee Ann Peters - Human Resources, Eldorado National

“Occupational Assessment Services is proud to work with OPC utilizing the PCP® testing system in our communities. Providing this powerful tool to our local companies has resulted in a stronger economic base in Sabetha, and surrounding communities. Turn over has been reduced and workers compensation claims are down. Utilizing the PCP testing system has been a win/win situation not only for the local companies, but also for our hospital. Our department has grown expeditiously over the past three years to include many new services. OPC does a great job of providing training, equipment and when needed, support. I have been pleasantly surprised at the distance they go to provide customer service.”

Sherri McNaryOccupational Assessment Services

“I have been working in Occupational Health for 13+ years and we have received very, very positive responses from both our client employers and medical community.”

Amy Blaser, CHSP, CHCMDirector, Occupational Health Services, Columbus Community Hospital

“We love it. It sets us apart from other providers. Its’ report is far superior to a general therapy back test or any BTE report.”

Chad VacekPresident, OTPC

“Occupational Performance Center (OPC) has been a great asset to our company and inspirational in our overall success in our medical management efforts. This relationship works because of the sincere desire to reduce injuries and pure determination to stay the course for effectively matching employees’ to appropriate jobs in the workplace. It is obvious OPC has the same commitment and sound philosophy for maintaining and achieving excellence for many years to come. When you surround yourself with exceptional resources it is hard not to be a success. Finally, over the past year we have seen a 50% reduction in Recordable accidents/incidents which equates to approximately a 57% drop in Workers’ Compensation costs.
In the past year we have required all of our post-offer, new hires to go through a Physical Capacity Profile (PCP) prior to walking on the work floor. Amazingly, we have had two individual cases where with the use of the PCP we identified pre-existing injuries. For example, one individual had a 25 lb. weight restriction in place for a prior back injury. Consequently, he was not hired. The other case involved an individual who had been in a serious vehicular accident and was unable to complete the testing and on his own admission told the tester he would not be capable of performing the job duties and declined the job offer on his own. The bottom line is affected by every decision we make with regard to safety and this has been the right decision and direction for our team.”

Central Kansas manufacturer with 100+ employees

“We are very pleased with what it offers us in terms of a pre-employment testing for our new employees. It is light years ahead of the manual strength testing we used to perform. Our plan is to use it with other pre-employment services to small businesses in the 5 communities we serve.”

J. Rayl, PT, MA -Rahab Director, Community Hospital Onaga

“Our practice has used the PCP system for approximately two years; first through a couple hospitals with whom we contract, then through the purchase of our own machine. Thus we had ample opportunity to assess its value prior to our purchase. We are pleased with the product and the objective data it generates.”

Sheeran ThompsonAllied Rehabilitation Services

“We have been using the Physical Capacity Profile machine since April of 2003. We have had nothing but positive outcomes with this machine. We have actually developed our entire occupational medicine department around the piece of equipment. The documentation of impairment rating at the time of hire is a huge benefit to area employers and helps them reduce their work compensation claims. We have had nothing but positive feed back from our businesses that use the Physical Capacity Profile testing system as part of their pre-employment package. It has been a great investment for our hospital.”

Jennifer BrockhoffManager of Business Health Services, Atchison Hospital

“The machine provides very useful information to employers. We continue to have new companies sign up weekly and hear great positive feedback from the companies.”

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