Frequently Asked Questions

When and how did this testing system begin?

In 1988, in response to numerous industry requests, Dr. Harbin, an orthopedic surgeon, made a substantial investment of time reviewing professional literature and respected test methods regarding the reduction of work place injuries. His research resulted in the development of specialized medical equipment that has subsequently been patented. Over the last 18 years, multiple enhancements in the equipment’s hardware and software have allowed an expanded customer base.

What types of organizations utilize the Physical Capacity Profile® Testing System to protect their employees?

Our customers include both public and private corporations (including Fortune 500 Companies), municipalities, self-insured Workers Compensation organizations, statewide trade associations and school districts. The labor force of the companies tested range from clerical to very heavy industrial labor.

How are different organizations utilizing the Physical Capacity Profile® Testing System and its results?

It is being utilized to test the physical abilities of individual employees. By medically documenting the employee’s physical capacity, companies are able to match new employees to the essential functions of the job. It is also being used to document an employee's’ ability to return to work following a non-work related medical condition, i.e.: ski injury. Physical therapists are also using it to perform FCE’s. State agencies have used the testing system to evaluate their clientele for re-entry into the workforce.

How does the information from the Physical Capacity Profile® Testing System apply to the Workers Compensation laws in my state?

Because each state has unique Workers Compensation statues, a thorough investigation must be completed. The investigation should include: a definition of impairments, accepted methods of determining impairments and relevant case law. In those states where pre-existing conditions are allowed to be reduced from final settlements, the test data has been accepted by Administrative Law Judges.

Has the Physical Capacity Profile® Testing System been challenged by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)?

Yes. Separate companies have undergone comprehensive EEOC audits. Those audits included close examination of the Physical Capacity Profile® test methodology, collection protocol and results delivery method. An EEOC representative was tested during the investigation. The non-biased nature of the test was upheld.

What makes the Physical Capacity Profile® Testing System compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?

Before any test is administered, the employer must define the essential physical requirements of the job and make a conditional job offer to an individual. In addition, the signing of a service agreement between the employer and the test site requires the following: (1) all entering employees in the same job classification are given the same examination, (2) information regarding the employee’s medical history is placed in a separated, confidential file, and (3) the medical information is not used to discriminate against the newly hired employee.

Is the Physical Capacity Profile® Testing System compliant with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)?

Yes. An aggressive plan, fully compliant with HIPAA regulations is in place. Oversight of HIPAA implementation was performed by legal counsel specializing in the field of medicine.

If a company has its own medical staff, could the testing be conducted in house?

Yes. Testing can be conducted in house by the company’s own medical staff. This is accomplished by utilizing standardized testing protocols and through the certification of all test administrators. Data analysis and report generation is conducted at Occupational Performance Corporation’s corporate offices, thereby eliminating report manipulation.

Is there a certification process required to administer the Physical Capacity Profile® Testing programs?

Yes, certification is required to administer the Physical Capacity Profile® Testing programs. Occupational Performance Corporation instructors will provide a full day of training for qualified medical staff. For the FCE, 2 full days are required for training. Training for the FCE is conducted in Salina, Kansas.

As an employer, how can I get started with the Physical Capacity Profile® Testing System?

First, the employer will sign a service agreement. The employer will then provide a job description listing the essential physical requirements of jobs to be tested. Assistance is available to determine these job requirements. Upon making a conditional job offer, the employer would schedule the new employee for testing. As a companion to Physical Capacity Profile® Testing, many locations with the PCP® network also offer drug testing and collection which helps to minimize the employee’s time away from work.

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