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Post Offer Employment Testing

Physical Capacity Profile® Testing System

Ask These 3 Questions:

  1. Does my new hire have the strength and fitness required to do their job?
  2. Does my new employee have a pre-existing injury?
  3. Is my employee ready to return to their job, fit-for-duty, after recovering from an injury?
With the Physical Capacity Profile® documentation, the employer is responsible only for the injury and impairment caused in their workplace, not for the impairments and injuries an employee brings with them, subject to state workers’ compensation statutes.
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post offer employment testing
post offer employment testing - Physical Capacity Profile

Reduce Worker Compensation Claims

The patented Physical Capacity Profile® (PCP) Testing System ensures employees are physically able to perform the job they were hired to do. Unbiased, post offer employment testing:
  • Reduces workplace injuries
  • Increase productivity
  • Lowers worker compensation claims and insurance premiums. 
The PCP test report is confidential, and documents the employee’s physical condition information that helps protect employees and employers.
What's The Difference Between Pre Employment and Post Offer Testing 
Post-offer physical testing helps to ensure the applicant can perform actual job duties satisfactorily and safely. Learn more about pre-employment-testing versus post-offer-testing.

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New hire testing for employers, human resources, safety directors, occupational health

Employers, HR, Safety Directors

Over 220,000 employees tested in public and private corporations, municipalities, large hospitals, self-insured workers’ compensation funds, statewide trade associations, and school districts. The labor force tested a wide range of employees, from clerical personnel to very heavy industrial laborers.
Post offer employment testing - Physicians, Hospitals, Urgent Cares

Physicians, Hospitals, Urgent Cares

The PCP Testing System helps hospitals grow their Occupational Medicine and workers’ compensation business by strengthen business relationships with local employers and helping them fulfill their hiring and workers’ compensation medical service needs. Also allows clinics to increase business during slower times of the year.
Post offer employment testing - Attorney, Insurers, Case Managers

Attorneys, Insurers, Case Managers

The PCP testing system can be used to protect and defend clients with non-biased, baseline data, that can make settling claims much easier and fairer. PCP tests meet ADA, EEOC, HIPAA, DOL, and AMA guidelines and provide documentable, objective computerized data with no hand-written, subjective opinions on pass/fail. 
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